Corporate Software Solutions

  • Plexus is a multilingual, running local or on the web System/ Business Management Software that enables you to manage all your company’s activities under the Sales, Service, Budget, Payment and Production categories,
  • Branches and Dealers could use this system in their local language even in different countries.
  • System provides departmants, users and interface based security settings (read, write, delete, update).
  • It enables Headquarter or branch offices to generate orders for sales, producing products for these offers, or outsourcing. These Sales and Order Modules can be customized in a very short time in accordance with the customer’s needs.
  • Headquarters or branches may set their own budget periodically during the year. Easily track cost items in detail breakdowns. Based on these budget items they can track their sales or technical staff’s internal and external expenses – even from different countries – in differerent currencies online and can upload the documents to the system. These expenditure items are automatically matched with the Budget items.
  •  There is also a Service Management Module, which is used to monitor the Installation, Maintenance and Service of the products manufactured and/or sold by the company online, up to the details of the modified parts.
  • Job Tracking Module in which headquarter or branches can conduct their correspondence and follow-up jobs and create requests for tasks/jobs or products/goods.
  • Detailed product description can be made related with production process. For defined products, the Production Module also manages the processes such as production lines, stations in the lines, labor force to be applied at the each stations and the delivery of the finished products and semi-products to an unlimited number of warehouses.