IT Automation

Reaching productive outcomes far beyond expectations from truly planned data mining projects, especially perfectly developed successful models results is inadequate. Providing automation of daily routine rather than process of repetitive manual steps, implementing fault management, monitoring and managing all the ongoing processes are keys to a wholesome project implementation. By this means, it is feasible for business units to attain the expected results on time and spare time for their main interests, i.e. analysis and strategy

A real project success depends on masterful management of complexed IT workload generated in operations. In this sense, our solution partner is TLOS Smart Workload Management solutions, including open-sourced different versions by Likya Teknoloji.

Essential reasons to ask for solutions to Workload Management

  • Single solution for Batch Job scheduling
  • Better collaboration between IT systems & Applications
  • Centralized IT job management
  • Increased IT staff productivity and effectiveness
  • Improved visibility and transparency
  • Developers focus on their main business

Essential features of our recommended solutions to Workload Automation Management

  • Defining cross-system job dependency
  • Platform independence
  • Centralized & Integrated IT Process Management
  • Easy-setup & Zero (or no) configuration
  • Steep learning curve
  • Web enabled user interface
  • Lightweight application architecture
  • Discrete system management over interconnection
  • Local support
  • Alarm submission via e-mail, SMS etc.
  • Systems & Applications orchestration
  • Improves IT productivity
  • All in one solution
  • Domestic product
  • Low cost